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    “market value” shall mean the full amount which a recipient of a supply is required to pay in order to obtain the goods or services or both of like kind and quality at or about the same time and at the same commercial level where the recipient and the supplier are not related;

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    This term finds reference only in the provisions in relation confiscation of goods or conveyance arising on account of contravention of the provisions of the law (say supplies made by a taxable person who has failed to obtain registration, etc.). The law provides that the owner of the goods will be given an option to pay a fine, not exceeding the market value of the goods in question, to safeguard his goods or conveyance from being confiscated.
    Goods or services of like kind and quality means any other goods or services (“comparables”) made under similar circumstances that, in respect of the characteristics, quality, quantity, functional components, materials, and reputation of the goods or services in question, is the same as, or closely or substantially resembles, that of the comparables.
    The meaning of the term ‘related’, must be understood from the definition Provided in respect of ‘related persons’ under Section 15.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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