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    “common working days” in respect of a State or Union territory shall mean such days in succession which are not declared as gazetted holidays by the Central Government or the concerned State or Union territory Government;

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    Common working days refer to such days in succession which are not a declared holiday for the Centre as well as State/ Union Territory.
    The relevance of working days primarily arises in relation to registration provisions. Every person obtaining a registration under the Act is required to make an online application in the GST portal. The application for registration, along with the accompanying documents will be examined by the Proper Officer and if found in order, the registration will be granted within 3 working days. If the proper officer fails to take any action within 3 working days, the application is deemed approved.
    Since the reference to ‘common workings days’ has been replaced by ‘working days’, it remains to be seen whether the applicant will be granted a deemed registration after 3 working days in case of inaction by the Proper Officer even if the third day was a holiday for a particular State.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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