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    I am planning to sell my own E-books (Downloadable books). I have few questions on that.

    1. Are E-books also exempted in GST?

    2. If not HOW do you calculate profit from them and at what rate it would be calculated?

    The Thing about E-books are you don’t have any INVENTORY so there will be no STOCK and you can sell them just like SOFTWARES.
    Like if I sell 10 E-books for Rs 199. How do you calculate tax on it because it basically I don’t have any stock of them they are just “DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS”

    Adarsh MadrechaAdarsh Madrecha
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    Ebooks will not be exempt from GST, as there is no notification to this effect.

    Since GST law is still in draft stage, it is too early to comment what will be the status of ebooks in India. If we consider GST laws in Europe, they have declared the sale of ebooks as “Supply of Service”, just like video tutorials or subscription to access a website.

    Moreover, HSN code does not cover ebooks. In HSN, there is only mention of papers and printed material. Thus confirming the logic of considering a sale of ebooks as a supply of services.

    In case you are looking for SAC (Read: How SAC/HSN is used in GST for classification) for sale of ebooks, it will be 00440153 i.e. online information and data or else.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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